Talea Cornelius 

Talea Cornelius graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a BA in psychology. She obtained her MSW from Boston University in 2012, and is a licensed social worker in New Jersey. Talea has experience counseling in individual, family, and group settings, and has worked on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Talea PicAfter returning to New Jersey, Talea began working on smoking cessation studies in Dr. Danielle McCarthy’s research lab at Rutgers University, and joined Dr. Edward Selby’s lab to pursue her interests in positive emotions in eating disorders. Talea is a current member of the PhD program in social psychology at University of Connecticut, where she studies under Dr. Hart Blanton while examining development and maintenance of health risk behaviors. Talea works at the intersection of clinical and social psychology so as better to understand how individuals adopt risky health patterns, and how these individuals may frame these behaviors as positive or desirable. Ultimately, she hopes to facilitate the development of interventions and treatment for health risk behaviors.

In her free time Talea enjoys photography, board games, cooking things she has never heard of before, and wasting time playing Minesweeper.