Dr. Edward Selby, a licensed psychologist in New York  (# 020331), specializes in the research and treatment of suicidal and self-injurious behavior, personality disorders, and eating disorders. Dr. Selby and colleagues have also authored the Emotional Cascade Model, a model that aims to enhance our understanding of why people experience emotion dysregulation and engage in dysregulated or self-sabotaging behaviors.  He has published extensively in these areas, with publications appearing in premier outlets such as Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology Review, Behaviour Research and Therapy, and Psychological Review.  Dr. Selby’s research has been funded by organizations such as the National Institute of Mental Health and the Brain and Behavior Foundation, and his work has been recognized with multiple awards including an International Academy of Suicide Research Young Investigator Award for 2013, NARSAD early investigator award, a Neil S. Jacobson Award for Outstanding and Innovative Clinical Research, and an American Psychological Association Distinguished Student Research Award.

In addition to mentoring graduate students and undergraduate research assistants Dr. Selby regularly teaches graduate level adult psychopathology and applied latent variable modeling and hierarchical linear modeling as well as undergraduate level abnormal psychology.

Dr. Selby’s Curriculum Vitae